SSH Shell for mainframe

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I am using the SSH Sheel operation and it has two levels of login (more over like unix sduo -u), frist level i am able to login with OO input parameters (username, password), the scond level login, i need to use command called LOGON username then it asks for password.


once i logn to mainframe shell, i need type gtacl and it will come to a prompt TACL 1>,  then type LOGON username and press enter then it asks for password. Now how do i handle this SSH shell operation.


I tried using Command send and expect but it is not working for me,


Send gtacl

expect (.*\s*)*>

send LOGON username



Please help me




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  • Hi,

    Since you manage to connect using SSH shell, why not try to run the entire scenario from the shell wizard and use the flow created by it. The shell wizard was designed to create flows based on the captured commands and prompts from a ssh session. You can access this tool from the folder tool underneath your studio install folder (OO_HOME\studio\tools)

    Hope this helps,


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