HPE OO Studio User Authentication

Hi All,

It's possible to enable authentication login to use OO Studio in 10.60 like in 9.06?



Sant'Ana, L

  • Hello Sant'Ana,


    Can you give us more info on what would be the usecase for which you would use Studio Authentication?


    for the 10.x flavour Studio is a standalone tool which shouldn't require external authentication as it contains its own worker to debug executions. 

    For when you need to remotely debug/execute your flows on an external Central worker, you do have the need for an authentication mechanism. THis can be configured from the Connections Setting menu.




  • It is not, however, the user will not be able to interact with the Central Server without authenticating and those accounts can also be locked down as needed.  For instance, in order to use the "Remote Debugging" feature (which is what allows the user to run a flow from Studio in Central), the user will need to be assigned to a Role that has the "Remote Debugging" permission.  Without that permission, the user will only be able to use Studio locally and would have to create a CP to deploy to Central, and, in order to do the Deploy, the user would need another permission, Manage Content Packs.

    -Scott Eppler · Cloud Engineer · Coda Global

  • So the End User does not need to authentication to use Studio because the repository is on own workstation correct? And i can consider the "LDAP User Machine" authentication to own user Windows profile?

  • I would say that that is mostly correct, however, I would add a clarification when you say 'repository'.  There is a local repository that the user will be using that exists on their own workstation, but that local repo can also be tied to an SCM (either SVN or Git) the syncs with a remote repo.  That remote repo would have its own, separate authentication that the user would enter when he/she sets up the remote repository.

    For the last part about the "LDAP User Machine", I'm not clear on what you're referring to so I can't comment.