BSM WSDL for SERVE CI and IP address

Hi Experts,


We are trying to build a flow to verify whether all the servers found in Assest Manager are configured and synced with BSM.

We pull the Server name and IP address from AM database using HP OO. I am not getting any way to get the same (server name and IP address) which are present in BSM to compare with list we get it from AM.

Please help way to get the Servername and IP address from BSM (if there are any WSDL or Rest API)



  • Hello,

       I am afraid that in OO we dont hold the API information for all applications it would be very hard to keep track on.

       You can open a question on the target application forum to get an answer to that question.

       You can also look for the API documentation of the target application (if microfocus app, i am sure there is api docs) and look for your self.

        OO has tools to automatically build flows from API targets, so you may want to take a look into the Tools folder under studio.