Accessing Flow Variables in plugin\IAction

Hi All,

I am wondering if anybody could help me.  I am developing a new HP OO operator to post log messages to a GrayLog server using the GELF UDP JAVA project.  All is going well- I have messages, detail, status, OO hostname, etc.  (I intend to open source it if anyone is interested)

What I would like to do is access the flow variables, very much like you can with 'scriptletContext.get()' and 'scriptletContext.getLocal()' when creating a JavaScript scriptlet.

 Another thing that I would really like to be able to do is access name of the current flow- although I am not so sure that would be possible (It makes sense to log the flow name for troubleshooting purposes).

Any advice would be much appreciated. 





  • Hi,

    To access the flow variables from Java I suggest to add them as inputs to the method that you annotate with @Action annotation.

    For getting the flow name functionality I suggest to vote on Idea Exchange the idea submitted by other users that are waiting for it: 

    Hope it helps,

    Lucian Revnic

  • Thanks Lucian,

    I had a feeling that was going to be the answer. 

    My current solution is to have key/value pairs.  We a have a couple of similar operators: