Create Device Group in NA 10.x with OO?

In going through the HPE Solutions CP, I don't see anything related to Device Groups for NA.

How would you look for, update, or create a Device Group in NA with OO?

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    Yes. It is possible.

    Export locally the  NA wsdl file api.wsdl.axis2 (or use the direct NA URL that exposes the wsdl).  

    Then using the OO ws-wizard create your operations based on the file. You'll need the following: login, add device group and logut.

    Create a 3 step flow. Carry the sessionID login result as imput to the 'add device group' and 'logout' when flow is sucessfull or on failure.


    The imputs to the add device group as  HP Network Automation Software CLI/API Command Reference

    add device group

    Add a device group to the system.


    add device group -name <Name> [-type <Type>] [-comment <Comment>] [-shared <Shared>] [-criteria <Criteria>] [-searchgroups <Searchgroups>] [-limitsearchgroups <Limitsearchgroups>] [-partitions <Partitions>]


    -name - The name of the device group to be added. To add a group to a specific site, prefix the group name with "SITENAME:".
    -type - The type of group to be added. The valid values for this option are "static" and "dynamic". The default value is "static".
    -comment - Additional information about the device group.
    -shared - 1 if the group is shared, 0 if it is not.
    -criteria - The search criteria expressed in XML format. This parameter is ignored if the -type parameter is "static".For information on the syntax of the XML, see the "Defining the Device Groups Using XML" chapter of the Administration Guide.
    -searchgroups - The list of groups that must be used along with the search criteria. Multiple values must be separated by a comma. This parameter is ignored if the -type parameter is "static".
    -limitsearchgroups - The filter condition to be used in conjunction with the -searchgroups parameter. The valid values are "any", "none", and "all". This parameter is ignored if the -type parameter is "static".
    -partitions - The list of partitions to be considered to apply the filter. This parameter is ignored if the -type parameter is "static".
    Return Type



    add device group -name "border routers" -type dynamic -comment "The group containing all border routers."
    add device group -name "Site 2:Edge Routers" -type static




  • Didn't figure I'd need to hit a WSDL, but that'll work

    Any way of getting this RFE'd into an upcoming CP for OO so that extra WSDL importing isn't needed?