Get Script Job Output - HPSA 'Get Script Job Result' call fails

I am trying to obtain the results of a script which has been successfully run on HPSA using '\Library\Integrations\Hewlett Packard\Server Automations\Scripts\Start Server Script'. I am attempting to use '\Library\Integrations\Hewlett Packard\Server Automations\Jobs\Get Script Job Result' to obtain the script output, which can be viewed from the Jobs Tab in HPSA, so I know the data exists. This technique is shown in sample flow '\Library\Integrations\Hewlett Packard\Server Automations\Samples\Run Script And Retrieve Result'. The 'Start Server Script' step runs successfully and the result can be viewed on HPSA but the 'Get Script Job Output' fails with the following exception:
"....status=Operation Failed! Failed to retrieve the script output.;exception=java.lang.nullPointerException at"
Versions:  HPOO 9.07 HPSA 9.16
I have seen the reference to running a python script, but it is not clear if this is run in place of 'Get Script Job Result' or in conjunction with. In any case it seems that it requires that an unencypted password is either passed in or hard-coded in the script, which is definitely NOT an option.
Can anyone assist with this problem?