Content Pack deployment via REST

Using PowerShell I've been able to deploy a single content pack in 10.10:-

$url = "https://${server}:8443/oo/rest/content-packs/contentpackABC
-Method PUT -Uri $url -InFile $filePath -Headers $header


However the API guide seems vague around deploying multiple content packs simultaneously. Page 83  "How can I deploy content packs with progress" refers to a Deployment Process file but there doesn't appear to be anything about what it should contain, format etc


Are there any worked examples for multiple content pack deployments via REST?





  • Hello Neil,


    The deployment process started to change in version 10.10 and then in later versions to be able to support deployment progress tracking , so the first method you were using in Powershell was deprecated (though still supported).

    Now, to deploy multiple CPs to Central, you will actually need to make 3 REST requests (as described in the API guide):


    1. Create Deployment process -  POST/deployments

    - this will return  a JSON containing a 'deploymentProceessId' that you will be using in the next calls


     2. Upload files to be deployed to this process ID (returned previously)

     POST  /deployments/{deploymentProcessId}/files


    Here, I usually use DHC REST client on Chrome, as this is the  app where you can attach files to requests in the most easier manner.


    3. Start that deployment process - PUT /deployments/{deploymentProcessId}


     Regards, hope it helped and let us know if you still have unclarities.


  • One thing to mention:


    For POST /deployments/{deploymentProcessId}/files

     I tested now also with REST Console Chrome app and it works.

    Some things to mention to make it work:

    You have to set

    Content Header : Content-Type: application/octet-stream

    Accept : Content-Type: application/json