RAS Flow test

<pre>Executes a command from the command line of a remote RAS.

On unix we cannot mandate what type of shell to be used (sh, bash, ksh, csh, etc), so be sure to include the shell in your command
if you need things like file redirection. Example:
sh -c "ls -lha /etc > /tmp/myfile"

On Windows, this command will prepend cmd.exe /C or command.exe /C to the command you specify, so there is no need to pass that into this operation.

command - the command to execute.
arguments - any arguments to command.
environment - Specifies environment variables/values that need to be defined when running command.
path - The path to the commands executable
cmd_timeout - Timeout in milliseconds before the command is considered failed when returnImmediately is false.
Default value: 100000 (100 seconds).
returnImmediately - If true, the operation will execute the command and return immediately. It will not wait for the command to finish.
Valid values: true, false.
Default value: false.

success - The command executed successfully.
failure - The command failed to execute.

STDOUT - The standard output of the command.
STDERR - The standard error output of the command.



Could you please advise me of any example values in the below fields for me to test RAS flow to run:


command -
arguments -
environment -
path -
cmd_timeout - 100000
returnImmediately - true/ false.