[OO Tip] Cluster Clients are not shown in the Terracotta Developer Console


Using the Terracotta Developer Console (%ICONCLUDE_HOME%/Clustering/terracotta/bin/dev.bat) to monitor the Operations Orchestration (OO) Cluster will not show any Connected Clients, even though the OO Cluster is working as expected.




The reason why Connected Clients shows zero in the Terracotta Developer Console is that when the Cluster was started the wrapper.java.additional.x parameter that is referencing "-Xbootclasspath/p:"%ICONCLUDE_HOME%/Clustering/terracotta/dso-boot-hotspot_win32_160_18.jar" was not loaded.

In order to fix this issue the following must be done:

1. Go to and edit %ICONCLUDE_HOME%/Central/conf/wrapper.conf on the Cluster nodes

2. Find the -Xbootclasspath/p:"%ICONCLUDE_HOME%/Clustering/terracotta/dso-boot-hotspot_win32_160_18.jar" reference and create a new wrapper.java.additional.x parameter at the end of the wrapper.conf


Where x is the number of previous wrapper.java.additional statements in the file 1.

3. Restart the OO Cluster


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