[OO Tip] How to enable MySQL Connector for the JDBC operations in OO 10


How to enable the MySQL connector for the operations found at "Library/Operations/Databases/JDBC" using Operations Orchestration (OO) 10.00.



To enable the MySQL connector for the operations found at "Library/Operations/Databases/JDBC"  on OO 10.00:

1. In Studio, the MySQL JDBC driver needs to be copied to %STUDIO_HOME%/debugger/lib

2. Restart Studio

3. In Central, Edit and add a line to file �NTRAL_HOME%/conf/central-wrapper.conf
Example: "wrapper.java.classpath.4=<path_to_MySQL_connector>" (for example: wrapper.java.classpath.4=c:\mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.jar) and then restart HP OO Central service

If the database type is not in the SQL Database Type selection list, update the selection list to include, for example, MySQL or just assign the 'DbType' input to the value 'MySQL', if a Selection List is used, otherwise just add MySQL as the value for DbType.
In OO 10.0 dbClass and dbURL inputs do not need to be set, like it was done in 9.0.


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