[OO Tip] Flow scheduled to run in the future actually runs in past


Using Operations Orchestration (OO) a flow set to run (43200 minutes) 30 days in the future can not be properly scheduled. A flow scheduled to run 30 days in the future enters the schedule in the past.




The minutes are transformed (from startTime input) into milliseconds in the code to calculate the time. 

For example: scheduling flows starting 30 days(x1440 minutes/day*60000 milliseconds) from now. The highest number that can be entered and not find the schedule in the past is 35791 minutes.
Note: The result of 35791 minutes*60000 milliseconds is actually the limit of the Integer value.

When using any value above 35791 minutes, the result will pass the integer limit and will return a negative result which equals flows scheduled in the past.

Request hotfix "ContentCommons.jar" from OO Support or implement Content Pack (CP) 13.


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