[OO Tip] Increasing RAS timeout value does not work


Using Operations Orchestration (OO) Remote Action Service (RAS) operations times out at 20 minutes.

The Wrapper.conf file has been modified to increase the timeout (added wrapper.java.additional.3=–Dras.client.timeout=3600 to wrapper.conf) and Operations Orchestration services have been restarted.  However, RAS operations continues timing out at 20 minutes.



Verify that the wrapper.conf file is correct:

There is a possibility that the hyphen in the 'wrapper.java.additional.3=–Dras.client.timeout=3600' line is not a hyphen. 

1. Edit wrapper.conf

2. Delete the hyphen character that is there

3. Retype the correct hyphen character.

4. Save the file

5. Reboot Central server and the problem should be resolved.


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