OO 10.60 Internal Error - Central & RAS workers missing


I am running OO 10.60

- using internal database, using evaluation license

- for PoC

After 1-2 days, login into OO Central pops "Internal Error" box on some screens.

When looking into OO's System Configuration --> Topology -->  I see that OO Central and RAS workers has disappeared.

(screenshot attached)

Restarting OO Central and OO RAS services does not help.

Anyone encountered this?



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  • Hi,

    As Harar previously noted using the internal database for extended periods of time  is not  recomended or even a good idea. That db type is provided only in order to perform quick installs for verification purposes only.  Having large demos and keeping the database up for longer periods of time is a bad idea as H2 very limited in terms of  size and since most of the data is stored in memory (RAM) serivce or server restarts may corupt data.

    Now if you want to have a demo  that needs to be up and runing for longer periods of time or you want to set up certain conditions ahead of time  install a postgresql db  localy and install OO with that db.