PS Wizard

After installing the PS wizard I am asked for the repo containing the powershell command. I tried looking for the documentation the wizard says is in the default studio document path. I cannot find the document it is referencing.

  • Hello,


    PS Wizard is looking to the Run PowerShell Script operation that should be available in your repository.

    The repositories you may use:

    1. Public repository, ussually located at  %OO_HOME%\Central\rcrepo. As soon as you install the OO Content Pack you'll find in your public repo all the content (including PowerShell one)

    2. A repository where you need to ensure (in Studio, by pulling from the Public Repo or by exporting a micro-repository)

     that Run PowerShell Script operation is present

       2.1 If you pulled in your Studio Local Repository from the Public Repository then  you can point the PS Wizard to %OO_HOME%\Studio\studiorepo location

       2.2. If you exported a micro-repository containing the PS operation you may point the PS Wizard to the folder where you've exported.


    Hope it helps,

    Lucian Revnic