[OO Tip] CustomizeWindowsGuest restarts VSphere 5.5 Client


The operation "CustomizeWindowsGuest" added in the Content Pack (CP) 13 for Operations Orchestration (OO) ver 9.07 restarts the VMWare VSphere 5.5 Client.


When attempting to use operation "CustomizeWindowsGuest" on VMware Guest, the operation fails and restarts the VSphere 5.5 client connection service on the VCenter Server while trying to customize the IP stack info and computer name of the target VMware device.  The host appears to get sent a shutdown/restart command and then comes back up a few minutes later.

The CustomizeWindowsGuest operation changes the IP info like ip address, gateway, dns server, timezone, product key, etc.

How to reproduce:

1. Import Content Pack 13

2. Execute the operation "CustomizeWindowsGuest" on a VSphere target device

3. Observe the VSphere client connection restart. The VSphere clients are disconnected and can reconnect a short while later




The root of the problem: Installed PowerCLI and tried to perform the same SDK command (CustomizeVM_Task) from there. The PowerCLI posted that there were required parameters missing. After filling in all required parameters, the command was executed successfully. Compared the parameters between the command in PowerCLI and the input values to the corresponding content operation. 

Found that the ownerName and ownerOrganization input values were not provided and are not marked as mandatory. 

After these values are provided, the content command successfully completes with restarting the VSphere Client.


The complete document can be found here: