Dynamically call flows/operations

I am looking to call flow/operations dynamically from a parent flow.

E.g. flowName variable will contain an UUID or flow name I have to call. Depends of what value we got in that variable we will call appointed flow/operations.

Anybody know what would be best/universal way to do it?

Note: wget and JRSFlowInvoke please do nor suggest.



  • Hi Alex,


    Have you tried "/Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Operations Orchestration/Launch Flow" operation under the Integrations? Check out the samples folder. It might help you about starting a flow. I am not sure but the subflow you started might be a headless flow.


    Best Regards.



    <pre>Launches a flow immediately. Add extra inputs corresponding to the flow's inputs to specify them.

    centralUsername - The username for centralServer.
    centralPassword - The password for centralUsername.
    centralFlowPath - The path of the flow to run, for example: /library/my ops flows/test, or the flow's uuid
    centralFlowLaunchWaitForFlow - A boolean value, should the op return immediately after launching the flow, or wait for execution to complete.
    centralServer - The host of your Central server
    centralPort - The port of your central server (default value is 8443)
    centralProtocol - The protocol of your central server (default value is https)

    success - The operation completed Successfully.
    failure - Something went wrong.

    The raw xml response of the central server.</pre>

  • Sorry, The actual dynamic flow path is "/Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Operations Orchestration/Dynamically Launch Flow".

    You can try both of it.

  • Thank you so much! I will load my PC-Magnum to run through all of your suggestions.:)
  • Hi Alex,

    Usually to call other workflows in your workflow the best way is to use Subflow concept (drag the flow you want to your workflow workspace).


    We usually use Integration Operations if you want to call workflows from other system, in this case I mean call another workflow from remote OO server other than the one you are using during the workflow creation.