[OO Tip] Error in Central_wrapper.log, "Database marked dirty, this *may* mean it is corrupt"


The following error message may appear in the Central_wrapper.log, when a user is trying to update the repository from Studio:

org.apache.commons.transaction.file.ResourceManagerSystemException: 134c44bda5-15 Database is set to dirty, this *may* mean it is corrupt. No modifications are allowed until a recovery run has been performed! (ERR_SYSTEM)



This is caused by a corruption in the shared repository.
Note: The shared repository is only available in a Clustered environment.



Please follow the instructions below to re-index the shared repository in a Clustered environment:

  1. Stop all nodes
  2. Go to the shared repository and delete all index files (files under .idx folders and .idx folder themselves) and let them rebuild after Central is restarted. This may take some time.
  3. Bring up one node at a time. This will facilitate watching Central_wrapper.log to see the re-indexing.
  4. Start services on one Central in the correct order.
  5. Next, bring up the next node and repeat.

Please contact HP Support if issues persist.


Direct link to the document here: