OO 10.80 REST API starting a flow and reading JSON input

I am using a python routine to start an OO flow. The OO flow starts with 'Dynamically Launch Flow'. The flow is launched sucessfully and completes successfully.

Within the payload when I launch the flow I am providing some input parameters :

payload = {"flowUuid":"6c7e7571-6065-4a4d-8fef-dcffcf351b59",


                "inputs" : {"input1":"value1"}


I cannot see these inputs being presented to the Dynamically Launch Flow.

Please can someone advise how I can access these parameters in OO?

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  • Hello Judy,


    Thank you for contacting Micro Focus Forum.

    My name is Carlos, I am from the OO/CSA team.


    Regarding your doubt, the inputs you are providing will be to the flow inputs itself, so if you need to use those inputs in the Dinamically Launch Flow operation you will need to assign the values from the flow level inputs to the step inputs.


    I hope this information finds you well. 




  • Thank you for your help. 

    I am new to OO and am not sure how to "assign the values from the flow level inputs to the step inputs". When I look in Central under Run Management, Run Explorer the Dynamically Launch flow step does not list my inputs - I am expecting to see them under inputs and values.