"Read File" Operation error in HP OO Server (WIndows 2012 R2)

I need to read an excel file located in shared network mapping, with credencials.

I try with "Read file" operation but I cannot execute the flow because show me the following error:


I check in OO Studio and Central and both have the same Base Content Pack 1.5.3.

All the operations included  in "Base / Operations / File System / Windows Only" folder, show the same error.

The OO Server is Windows 2012 R2. 

Does anybody knows why not executed operations in this folder?


Regards, Maxi

  • Hello Maxi,

    Thank you for contacting HPE Forum support.

    Regarding your request when you are trying to run the flow:

    Are you running it as administrator?

    HP solution Version?

    HP OO Version?

    When we are talking about Read File operation, please try deleting a flow transition and rewire it, save the flow and verify if the issue is gone.