Scheduling Flow via API - Possible to assign to different user?

Hi Guys,

I am putting together something that will schedule a flow to run in the future, and working on putting the API request together. Everything works as per the documentation, just I have a question...

When creating new flow schedules the JSON request has a property called "username".

I assumed I could put in the username of any of our users so the schedule would be assigned to them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Whatever username I put in for that property, it always uses the username of the account I am using to authenticate with the API.

If I change the account I auth to the API with, the username that the flow schedule gets created against also changes to match.

Our user case is this:

- Member of the HR Team will run a "on-board new employee" flow, in advance of when the employee starts. THe actual start date is captured as an input.

- That flow will trigger some notifications and do some other things, then schedule the actual AD account creation for the actual start date via the API.

I wanted to be able to assign the scheduled flow to the same user that runs the initial flow, but not looking like that is possible unless I authenticate to the API as them.

I don't see why a 'username' property is included in the schema if it is ignored and just takes the authenticated user from the API call. Or maybe I am doing something wrong or something isn't working my end.

The workaround I can see is to capture logged-in user credentials and then pass them to the API, but I really don't want to go down that route.

Anybody have any ideas?