Operation orchestration repository change question

My default repository was (Public repository)

I have changed the default repository to C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Studio\studiorepo (Local repository)

When I was in public repository i wasn't able to run any flows and execeute a simple flows wasn't possible but

if i change the repository to local repository i am able to run flows as well as getting desired results ( tested on CPU usage and ping a remote system)

The question is after changing from public repository to local repository, the central console (web console which is running on 8443) is not able to get the flow libraries which are under local repository

SO how to change the web console to get the local repositores





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  • Verify the account you are running the RSCentral service has access to the repository location.

    To verify the location look at your central.properties file:

    C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Central\conf\central.properties

    Look for this code:

  • Hi Thanks for the reply

    Even after changing the repository path in the file you have mentioned ( I have edited the file pasted the local repository in that row you have mentioned )

    But still in the Central web page I am finding the flows which are of created under public repository

    I have created one flow under local repository but it is not updating and showing in central

    Please help
  • you have to check your flows in.
    Also sounds like you may need to sync you local repo to your public repo.
    In oo9.0
    Open local repo via Studio
    click Repository then set target repository
    choose the public repository.
    Carefully move your files over.

    Once the files are checked in in the public repo you should be able to view/run them via the Web Interface
  • Can you please tell me how to do these steps

    where i have to click and all
  • Hi Mruthyunjaya,

    This process of having flows from your local repository to public repository is known as publishing.

    Publishing involves 2 parts:

    First is Specifying the target repository.
    In Menu, click on Repository -> Set Target repository, here select your public repository.

    Second is Publishing from the local repository to the target repository.
    For doing this you need to Click the Publish/Update tab at the bottom of the Studio window & Click Publish Preview. You need to first preview and select exactly those items you want to publish from local to public repository. When your selections have been made click the Apply Changes button to initiate the publishing process.

    The Publish/Update user interface allows you to select exactly what you want to publish.
    Just use the buttons there,then apply changes to execute the final publishing process.

    Once published, your content will be available in the Central.

    Do know that you can publish an entire repository, subfolders, or an individual flow based on what you need.

    A couple of tries & you will know how exactly this works .

    When you try to publish to production, look deeper on what is being updated from local to public repositories.

    Let me know if this helps !! :)

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Dear,


    I forgot my HP OO central admin password... anyone know how I recover admin password.