[OO Tip] Automatic backup settings for a repository



In the Operations Orchestration (OO) Central.properties file contains the following entry with designated values:


Can the number of autoBackupCount be changed?  If so, what are the instructions? 



First there needs to be a few definitions:

autoBackupCount -  Number of auto backups to keep
autoBackupFrequency - Time after save to do a backup
Note: Values above refer to the repository.


Here are the steps for setting the backup:

1. If autoBackupFrequency is greater than zero, a backup task is launched to run every <value defined by autoBackupFrequency> seconds (default is zero but OO comes out of the box with a 10 minute configuration).

2. This backup task will create a zip file under repository location/backups (e.g. c:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Central\rcrepo\backups).

3. After that, the number of existing backups will be checked (number of zip files under backups folder will be counted).

4. If that value exceeds the value from <autoBackupCount>, the oldest files will be deleted. For example, there is a maximum of five backups and the backup tasks finds nine files, the files will be ordered by modified date and the last four will be deleted.

5. If the repository is very large, the autoBackupCount can be decreased.

NOTE: Each backup will only occur if a repository change has happened since the last backup was taken. No redundant backups will be taken.


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