[OO Tip] Error - errorMessage='size limit exceeded


Using Operations Orchestration (OO) and when a user identification (ID) has to many group memberships in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) this error is displayed:

LDAPSearchException(resultCode=4 (size limit exceeded), numEntries=100, numReferences=0, errorMessage='size limit exceeded')

In the test button, "size Limit exceeded" is returned.


This issue can be recreated by following these steps:


1. Create an LDAP /AD ID with 200 group memberships

2. Setup LDAP/AD authentication for 10.00.  Ensure the groups DNs entry is at a top level, Example: DC=OOS, DC=HP, DC=COM. This would get all groups in that domain and also make sure the search subtree box is checked.




Please request hotfix HF_173872 from OO Support.

Direct link to the document here: