New OO Installation vs Upgrading

I am looking at upgrading all the way from 10.22 to 10.80.  I am concerned with possible incompatabilities with existing content packs as part of the upgrade.  Also possible extended outages if we have to revert the upgrade due to unforeseen issues.  I am wondering if it would be easier to just stand up a new instance of 10.80 and move our content packs over (testing as we migrate) instead of upgrading the existing instance.

Does anyone have any experience/insight for a multi-version upgrade like this?


Mike R

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    Its easiest to upgrade.

    Prior to upgrade take a snapshot of your DB, Repository, and OO Central and RAS Install directory. During the upgrade, your CPs are converted to the post 10.5 format.  

    I'd suggest installing OO in a lower environment (copying your prod db if you can (disable scheduled jobs :) ) and performing the upgrade to see what issues you may run into. 

  • Thanks for the advice.  I am definitely planning to do it in a lower environment first.  I had not thought to copy the Prod  db down to the lower region, I think that could really help alleviate possible concerns.

  • Just a note if you copy the DB

    bring along the '', '' and 'encryption_repository' files from your central installation var/security/ directory otherwise you'll have issues connecting to the migrated db from your lower env

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