Deploy new WF version during execution


I want to understand something in OO:

For eg: i have a flow A which is now running under Central and takes 30 minutes.

In this time i modify the WF in Studio and redeploy the content pack of this WF in central (when it is still running).

My question is:

At what time OO decides that for the WF A we will use the new version.

If this is done at the end of the flow execution, what if we have another flow B in the same content pack which takes 12 hours.

In this case, when the flow A starts after one hour, it will execute it's new version, but in this time the flow B is still running with the old version of the content pack.

If it is true so OO runs two content packs at the same time, isn't it.?


  • Hello Adel_HPOO_1020,


    I was checking information about the expected behavior for this scenario, but I couldn't find anything documented, however I did some tests and I think it will change the version after the flow execution. 


    In the background, OO works as follows:


    a) when a flow is run for the first time, it create an execution plan which is stored in oo_cached_execution_plans database table.
    b) that execution plan is send to the worker and copied in oo_running execution_plans.
    c) when the run ends it is cleared from oo_running_execution_plans
    d) at every deploy of content pack, oo_cached_execution_plans is truncated so we can create execution plans from the new versions of the content.