PowerShell operation very time consuming


i am using the following operation

/Base [1.10.0]/Library/Operations/PowerShell/Deprecated/PowerShell Script (2)

to execute a powershell script in OO.

My problem is the following:

When i execute the same powershell script in my desktop it took less than 10 seconds, but in OO, when i use the operation /Base [1.10.0]/Library/Operations/PowerShell/Deprecated/PowerShell Script (2), it tooks 18 minutes.

Could someone tell me how to accelerate this flow.?


  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting Micro Focus Software Support, Operations Orchestration Team. Regarding to your question:

    The operation /Library/Operations/PowerShell/PowerShell Script has two inputs that could help about what you want to do. 

    The inputs are:

    connectionTimeout - Determines how long the client computer waits for the remote session connection to be established. When the interval expires, the command to establish the connection fails. Enter a positive value in milliseconds. Default value: (180000 miliseconds) (3 minutes).

    scriptTimeout - Determines how long the client computer waits for the PowerShell script to be executed. When the interval expires, the operation fails. Enter a positive value in milliseconds. An empty value means no time-out; the script execution continues indefinitely.

    The operations that are located in the folder deprecated are not updated,  thats why support suggest to use the others ones. which are located out of the folder deprecated and the content pack most updated.


    Kinds Regards,


  • 2 things spring to mind:


    1) your base content is waaaaay out of date.  That won't be 17m50s of improvement, but it's  one less thing to rule out.

    2) You seem to be comparing apples and oranges: executing a pwershell script locally has none of the overhead associated with a flow run, nor does have it have any of the possible bottlenecks: topology of the OO platform, RAS limitations, the complexity of the flow, etc.


    When you run the flow that calls the powershell script, where is the time being spent? is it in the operation you're talking about?