[OO Tip] Monitoring Remedy with a Flow


Is there an existing Operations Orchestration (OO) flow which checks for (or triggers on) an Apache Tomcat 500 error, creates the ticket, then restarts the service for Remedy?



What is needed is a three step process.

Here is a recommendation:

1.External tool calls appropriate OO flow with appropriate inputs 

2.Act on the call (e.g. restart the affected TomCat)

3.The flow would respond to the Remedy ticket with its activity results.


Note: OO is not a monitoring tool, recommend using an external monitoring tool (e.g. SiteScope) and calling OO. This is documented in the Software Developers Kit (SDK) in the various mechanisms which can be used to launch an OO flow.

Please follow this link to the HP Live Network for Operations Orchestration:




Under the "Patches & Binaries" header select either the 9.07 or 10.00 SDK.



Direct link to the document here: