Hello ,

i am trying to test some examples with HPoo and Virtualization Content Pack , i tryed to use the flow "Get All Virtual Machine" to list me all the virtual machines running on my Vsphere.

 but it always fall with this message; "can't connect to the VIM's service" , i didn't change anything in the flow. 

is there relation with the PORT, is there any port to Open between Vsphere and hpoo.?

thank you for your support.

  • I have never used that one as it is a more generalized for multiple hypervisors. The description is currious by stating the port valid options are http or https, not sure what you would put in protocol.

    Try this one /Virtualization [1.8.0]/Library/Integrations/VMware/VMware Virtual Infrastructure and vSphere/Samples/Get List Of Powered On VMs

    for that port = 443 and protocol = https and unless you have locked down your vsphere or there are routing problems this should work by filling in your host (vsphere ip), username and password.

  • Hello ,

    This error generally comes if you have give incorrect username/password or port or Protocol .

    By default port will be 443

    and protocl can be http/https

    username / passwrd contact your vmware Admin .


  • Hi RB,

    From your initial post, "i didn't change anything in the flow.", it sounds like you previously had this working? Or do you mean you haven't changed anything from the initial content pack?

    As per the previous answers, this sounds like an issue with either using the incorrect hostname, or incorrect credentials.

    Can you confirm if you're able to login to vCenter with the credentials you are using?


  • Verified Answer

    hi all, thank you for your replies.
    no it never worked before, i talked about the initial content pack.
    well, i'm the VMware administrator i can connect to the vcenter and to vsphere with my username/pwd. and our network adminsitrator opened the port 443 for me, in the source VM server and the destination HPoo Central server.

    thank you for your support

  • Hi,

    I assume by thread being marked as resolved, the issue was the port being shut?


  • I too have same issue . before it was working with 6.5 version.

    Now vCenter env is been updated to 6.7 and for that i have imported latest Virtualization [1.14.2] but still i cant able to fix the error.

    Please help.

  • Hi,

    I suggest to open an incident to Micro Focus support and VMware 6.7 is supported in Virtualization CP 1.14.2.

    Thank you,