Sharepoint REST api

I am looking for a way to interact with an on-prem Sharepoint environment via its REST api.

Most/all information on the WWW around this topic seems to orbit around an Azure instance of Sharepoint (e.g.). Our setup is a full on-premises one.

Any pointers or sharing previous experience with interacting with the Sharepoint REST api is much appreciated.


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  • Thanks Carlos.

    We indeed also find those documents.

    What we are currently struggling with is how to get the Rest API authentication going. That seems very limited covered in the documents of Microsoft. We keep hitting a 401 un-auth error.

    The only relevant documents we found where from third parties, but all orbiting around an Azure implementation of Sharepoint, while we in fact have an on-prem one.

    I guess the knowledge we seek is very specific and we are hoping somebody within our community has hands-on experience with the on-prem Sharepoint Rest api.

    Ideally with an already developed OO Content pack ofcourse ;-).