HP OO Integration with VMware WSDL


I am trying to leverage VMware WSDL to create Datacenters, Clusters, Datastores etc through HP OO. Could anyone please guide me how to determine the inputs values to passed especially for the variables this and this.type.

  • Thank you for contacting HPE Forum. 

     My name is Andrey, I am from the OO/CSA team. 

    Regarding your question,  are you using the WS Wizard to create operations based on the VMWare WSDL? If so you need to take a look at the WSDL definition of VMware (what the call is doing, why are these inputs needed from the VMware side and what is the function), if you are able to do a REST call or something similar to VMWare you would need to take a look at the way that you are passing the parameters there and do the same in OO.  

    Please be aware that we ofer an OOO content pack for VMware called Virtualization CP that can be found on the Marketplace. 

    I hope this information helps you.

    Best Regards,

    Andrey Corrales Torres | SW Technical Support Consultant.
    Operations Orchestration / Cloud Service Automation.
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Hi Andrey,

    Thanks for replying. Please share your email Id with me so that I can contact you directly and explain the real issue. The Virtualization CP is not of much help