Rest Wizard with Swagger 2.0 JSON file

Hi All

I've been attempting to build a set of operations for a tool (Avi Networks load balancer) that has API documentation in Swagger 2.0 format.  The load balancer itself has yaml files available for each API, and since it seems like the rest-wizard wants json format, I've converted them using the online tool at

rest-wizard is giving an error of "Unable to locate resources" when trying to use the file.  In rest-wizard.log I'm only seeing a java.lang.NullPointerException.  I've attempted to modify the basePath in the json to include a full URL to the base api entry point, but that doens't seem to be making a difference.  I've also tried pointing rest-wizard directly to the yaml on the load balancer, but that gives the same "Unable to locate resources" message.  I've also built some calls directly in Studio to the API and don't have any problems with authentication, returning data, etc, but was hoping not to have to build all of the operations for this manually if possible.

Has anyone run in to something like this, or have an idea of what to check for? 

Thanks in advance for any help!