Operation or subflow's internal properties

Is there a dynamic way to access operation or subflow's internal properties (e.g. names of Input parameters, Results, Ouputs, Responses, etc)? Something analogous to Java reflection but done in scriptlet or some operations.




  • Hi,

    Usually, we build a new operation from scratch to add additional attributes/inputs or outputs that was ignored during OO operation development.

    You can pass variables from parent to subflow using subflow inputs, you can send out output variables by marking them as Global variable.

    You can build your own scriptlets and set global variables by using scriptletContext.putLocal() scriptletContext.putGlobal() functions.

    please let me know if am on the right track in answering you or if you need more details.


  • Hi Mahmoud,

    Thanks for your suggestion. You are in the right track but I think my question wasn't specific enough. Let me add an example: Let's say I created a new operation called "Display Param Names" (based on "/Library/Utility Operations/Flow Variable Manipulation/Do Nothing"). "Display Param Names" works like the "Do Nothing" but adds functionality to display Input field names. So when I use "Display Param Names" in a flow and I added "foo" and "bar" parameters in the Inspector, when I run the flow, the "Display Param Names" can dynamically pull the names and values of these parameters (via Scriptlet or something) and then displays them. One solution I thought of was pulling the information from the xml file but that's internal to HPOO. I wonder if there's standard way.



  • If I got it right, you might be able to use scriptlets in order to get data from the context and put data to the context.

    In the scriptlet tab there is a template that gives information about how to work with that.

    One example of actual usage is on page 11 in this document

    If I got it wrong we can continue from here :)