How to Configure Remote Command with Jumpbox Authentication before Acessing the RHEL Servers?


Customer environment requires to authenticate in a jumpbox before to access any UNIX server.
For example:
To access the "myserver" RHEL server as root user we have to use the following hostname in a SSH client:

gu=<my guest user>@root@myserver@<jumpbox hostname> 2222

After that we got a prompt from the jumpbox asking "my guest user" password...after typing the password we got access to "my server" as root user.

There is no way to access "myserver" as root user (or any user) with no authentication in the jumpbox.

We must to configure some OO flows to execute remote commands against RHEL servers...based on the above information, does anyone know if is it supported by OO and how can we configure the OO remote command operation options in order to access and execute a command in these RHEL servers?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Paulo Ferreira


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