Does anyone created and replaced a remote shortcut using OO?

Hi! I'm new in OO, my need is to create (or replace the existent) a shortcut pointing to a an alternative server in case of an application contingency in client PCs. I just found some ways using Powershell, creating the shortcut in a separate folder and copy like a regular file, does anyone did something similar? It's the final step on my application contingency flow and I'm looking for the best way possible to do it.

Thanks por your help!

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    My name is Adrián, I am from the OO team.

    Regards to your question, unfortunately there is not a specifict operation to created and replaced a remote shortcut, howerver you can use powershell opearation to create a script to do this, you can use the operation PowerShell Script on the following path "/Base [1.12.3]/Library/Operations/PowerShell/PowerShell Script" into this operatio yuo will find a input named "script" there you can type the script you need or the file path in case you have the script into a file. This could be the way to perferm your request.


    I will wait for your comments.

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