Big input via REST API/Debug causes JVM HEAP SPACE error

Hi, we have to get via a request to our ESB a big file (the full requirement is to receive asynchornously a lot of files), some of them may have between 50 - 100 MB (base64 encoded text) - we are trying to set a flow variable with this big value as a testing (a 55 MB text)  but we get a java heap space error. We adjust some parameters according to this post and nothing. So we checked the heap dump and noticed that are several objects with the same content (also repeated twice).


Do you have a similar problem maybe once?


Any help would be so much appreciated!


Thanks, Alexis.


PS.: OO 10.60 - SQL Server 2014 - Windows Server 2012R2 - 4 cores, 4 GB RAM, JVM heap space: 3GB

  • Hello Alexis,

                  Could  you please describe how you're trying to implement such a request? Is it an API call, an OO flow with a Javascript scriptlet?

    Can you please also provide the exact error (with error code if available) you get?

    Are you getting the error on Central, Studio or both?


    Thank you!

  • Hello  alescaramanzia,

    OO is really not very good on this point.
    We had performed tests and with a jvm limited to 4GB, we could have maximum execution without parallel branch loading a file of such a size (~ 70Mb)

    On a platform that runs several tens or hundreds of flows simultaneously, we try not to exceed 1 MB and sometimes we still have problems.
    I think it depends on a lot of parameters (number of threads, buffer, type of flows executed) but it is sure that OO is not made for data processing...