Add an email auth as a execution auth after a flow had runned

Hi everyone! We have a little strange need but here it goes: we need to link a flow execution afted it was called with the corresponding email authorization. We can't use a gated transition in this context because we have a few critical flows which must be executed with no wait (e.g. saturday 3 am) when the authorized people maybe are unreachable.

The idea of this thread is know if somebody did a similar imlpementation of this 'idea' with or without overwriting an application table (we know that's not an authorization in the right way): one idea is creating a table in the OO database and link it with the corresponding OO_AUDIT record and a new column containing the raw mail content in binary type. Other is explore the way of overwriting an 'empty box' in the first flow executed with the mail content after we received it.

Thanks for your time!