list iterator intermittent instability


  • OO Version: 10.70
  • OO Base CP:  1.9.1


 The OOTB “List Iterator” operation sometimes uses the “no more” response when the “list” input has values that are separated by the “separator”.  This causes the flows to behave in an unpredictable manner, which causes data corruption for my customer.


 You can see all of this in the attached screenshot…

 We are using OO to process a records of different types from a database and we take different actions based on the type of record that we encounter (like delete, update, send to someone for action, etc).  What we’re seeing is that some records are not being processed at all because the OOTB List Iterator operation fails sometimes.  When we dig into the OO Run IDs, we can see that the “List Iterator” isn’t working properly.

 The screenshot below shows a run where:

  1. Operation “** Build Action List” returns two values:  “***ol, re***”
  2. Operation “For Each Record Action”  (the List Iterator”) gets the following values:
    • list = “***ol, re***”
    • separator = “,”

 The results are:

  • recordAction result = <blank>
  • Response returned by the List Iterator is “no more”

 There are no errors in any of the OO logs around that time (server.log, wrapper.log or the request logs).

 See screenshot, below…


Has anyone ever encountered this before?