OO central on windows or Linux ? Which best fit ?

We are about to install OO central. We have both options open of hosting it on Windows and Hosting it on Linux. What is the best option to choose according to your experiances 

  • I chose the Windows route (Server 2012, SQL 2012) - if I were installing again I would probably have set Centrals on Linux, separate RAS on Windows (you need a Windows RAS for .net functions), and Oracle for DB.

    My current env is 9 Centrals (cluster 3@each datacenter) and 48 RAS (varied cluster size in each domain) :: Server 2012 & 2016, SQL 2017 - its functional but Ive seen better performance on new Centrals/RAS installed on Server 2016 than I did on Server 2012 (same wrapper conf)


  • Dear Jarodmb,
    Thank you for your inputs.
    Why would you do it on linux now? What is downside to do it on windows or what is better in Linux?

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    There is a document somewhere around here that will provide some benchmarking.

    From the field - I've developed on OO since 2006.. across numerous clients, with varying demands in infrastructure. I've seen better responsiveness from Tomcat, better stability in the scheduler and DB performance, and fewer tuning cycles on a Linux/Ora setup vs the MS variant...  granted there are always environmental attributes - but my perception is developed across a dozen varied integrations. 

    If you would like to 'discuss'  your use cases I'm happy to provide guidance on what I would do in your situation.