Create content pack from subflow

From studio there's an option button called CREATE CONTENT PACK, which is at root all flows and does end with a jar file containg all flow. But that is not possible to perform to a single subflow, the button is greyed out and such capability is off.
Is any way to do this?

KInd regards

  • I think you are mixing up terms.   The Create Content Pack button works at the Studio *Project* level.  Under each project, you will basically see the same structure of "Library" and "Configuration", and "Properties".

    The Create Content Button greys out as designed when you've selected something inside a project.

    So if you want to create a CP on a subflow, then sounds like you might have hit a break point in your flow development.  This could mean you have a single project with too much stuff in it.  There is a bit of mental slicing and dicing you need to get through to appropriately separate your content into deployable content packs which can depend on each other*without* causing cross dependencies issue - which are a total headache at times.

    If this is somewhat identifying your issues, you might want to read this ... the top portion:

    I'm not sure if there are more worthy write ups on what you're asking about ... assuming I understand your ask/issue correctly.