Studio 10.80 - seeing outbound WSDL / REST POST/GET transactions ?

I have a vague recollection that Studio had a feature added to it that allowed you to see what Studio was sending for a WSDL transaction to an external API endpoint.  Critical when you're looking to makes sure the WSDL XML is formatted correctly over a HTTPS connection.  

I can't find a reference on how to enable that ... I'm pretty sure I'm not dreaming :)

Does anything like that exist for a REST calls ?? Like HTTP Client Posts and Gets ... I've hit a weird situation where on Studio v1.0 HTTP Client GET passing in a HTTP Header of "Content-Type: application/json" works like it should but on a v1.0 HTTP Client POST a passed in content-type header does nothing.  I have to use the OO step contentType input field with application/json or whatver the content type is.  Very annoying.  I'd love to see what Studio is sending out for the fully formatted REST call to the API endpoint to see what the difference is.