Problem to execute Script by SSH, by configuration in destination server policy ClientAliveInterval

Hello everyone

I write in this portal since I am new using the Operation Orchestration tool and I am presenting some complications when sending a script from the tool.

I explain a little the subject ..

In the flow that has been configured, a script is sent from OO to the destination server, however, in the destination server a policy has been configured to close the connection after 10 minutes, for this reason our process remains running on the OO screen but the script is no longer running on the target server because the connection was cut off.

server. destination .- sshd_config

ClientAliveInterval 600
ClientAliveCountMax 0

server. OO.- ssh_config

Host *

    ServerAliveInterval 480
    ServerAliveCountMax 80

This was configured in the OO server so that every 8 minutes send a packet and this will prevent the session from being closed, however when executing from the OO tool this does not happen.

Is there a configuration to solve this problem?


Thank you for your support