reponse scriptlet string method unavailable

I got this scriptlet:

var myresults = new String();
var myresults = scriptletContext.get("results");
var resp = myresults.includes("True");
if ( resp ){
 scriptletResponse = "success";
else {
 scriptletResponse = "failure";

I'm trying to evaluate the response I get from an operation a string "True" or "False" ( that is filtered out of a XML response)

and I always get this error, the erro is always when using .includes() , it seems that the method is available.

I either need it to work or something that does the same ( return true/false when comparing 2 strings)

2017-12-20 13:17:57,332 ERROR    EventDrivenDebugger.updateHaltedStatusBar:1838    com.iconclude.dharma.runengine.RunException: Scriptlet error at line 3.
Code: var resp = myresults.includes("True");
Details: TypeError: Cannot read property "includes" from undefined in <eval> at line number 3

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