Getting THE result from a API call

Is there a way to get a variable content from a flow with the API?

if for example an external app trigger a OO Flow by uuid it get a runID as answer (201).

Then we check that the flow complete with success.

We try to extract a var content from the GET /executions/{runID}/execution-log

but we don see it, even when the flow Propertie->Outputs->Extract Primary Output From Field:"myVar".

I know that "normaly" one would write the var to an intermediary repos and the external app would get there to extract the answer, but in our case that would not be possible.

Thanks for your time and for looking.



  • according to this:{runID}/execution-log the JSON comprises of the flow output list too

    which you could parse with a json operation.

    Is that what you are looking for or not exactly?