sysdate x hours for a variable

Hello, I have a variable in the flow, which needs to have sysdate as Start date/time and sysdate X(read the value from database/previous variables) for end date/time.

For example:

TimePeriod = 6 (represents 6 hours)

StartDate = systemDate (06/26/2017 10:00; in this format)

EndDate = StartDate TimePeriod (result should be 06/26/2017 16:00)

All in CST timezone.


Thanks in advance.

  • Hello

    We do have date operations to format dates so you just have to append the information to the variable. you may want to give a try and let us know if that works for you.


  • Hello, I tried 

    Base(Content pack)> Library> Utility Operations>Date and Time.


    The issues I'm running into, with "Date Parser":

    format I used:

    en, unix, dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm



    format I need(24 hr format):


    06/26/2017 18:00




     java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal pattern character 'e';


    Is there a way to define the format I want, using the get and offset d&t itself?

    In java, this format, in 24hr, I believe:

    String DateToStr = DateFormat.getInstance().format(curDate);



  • You can use the Offset operation to increase with 6 hours and Date parser to parse it according to the needs. just remove en. unix.

    Screenshot below: got current date, increased with 1 hour and formatted to the desire format.Screenshot_56.png











    Hope it helps