corrupt flow library in central



Our lab environment for CSA education is based on CSL 14.02 and as such contains CSA 4.0 and OO 10.02.

Several content packs are loaded onto Central, one of which is CSA-CP-1.0.0

In one of the labs we use Library/CSA/3.2/Providers/vCenter/vCenter Clone Server/Actions/vCenter Simple Compute - Deploy


As it happens, this flow can be displayed (the graph I mean) from within the Content Workspace on Central, but… the path doesn’t show neither does the UUID or the CP, etc… 

In fact from CSA when we call that flow, CSA claims this flow is simply not present on OO Central.


Reloading the CP throws errors which are extremely difficult to correct in 10.02 as we all know.


Any ideas how to correct this problem?

Is there a way to clean up the whole central library (and restart all over)?

I’d also like to understand where the actual problem stems from…


All help greatly appreciated as we have a class coming up on Monday and I need to have the image corrected ASAP!!!