RAS id

I may be missing something real obvious here but ill ask anyway

Is there a way of identifying which RAS a flow executed on.

So in this scenario you have a bunch of RAS servers in a group.

At the end of the flow an email is triggered and in that we would like to comment which RAS was used.

Im hoping theres a flow variable that can be used

  • Hi Devildiablo,


    From UI, you can check which worker run a specific step if you go into the table view, use the Select Columns option and make sure you have the Worker ID check. Remember a flow can be executed by multiple workers (RASes), so you will need to check each step to make sure which was the worker ID that executed an specific step. With the Worker ID, you can identify which RAS  executed the step.

    That being said, I'm not aware of any variable to retrieve the worker ID...