Vugen [Web - HTTP?HTML] script output to display using OO


I have configured a Vugen script to run in OO flow, it worked fine.

Vugen capturing four dynamic variable using correlation and storing the data in the "Output" file in Vugen folder.


How can I display those dynamic values from Vugen directly in OO using "Display Message" ? I do not want to read from "Output" file and display ?





  • Hello Subrat.sahu,


    I am an Operations Orchestration representative and will be researching your question with our group internally.  I will respond when I have the next step on this situation.

    Kind Regards,


    Sussan Zamora


  • Hello Subrat. Sahu,

    I hope you are great today.


    Regarding your request after researching, I did some tests with "Display Message" and you can apply the same steps in your environment, so please take a look the next information:


    This is an example with "Display Message" :


    1. I have used a simple flow to do this example.



    2. This is the configuration part of Local Ping.


    3. To finish the configuration in the Local Ping, you need to Add Result. (Results)


    4.Now in the operation Display I start the configuration in fiel1.


    5. You need assign the variables in my case from field1 (This part refer the (Local Ping))


    6.In the same object, in Display, you need to add the information of the Local Ping (step 3), but like this: ${     }


    7. Continue, you can see the information of the local ping in the window "Display Message"



    I hope this information help you, but if not don't hesitate to let me know and I will continue with my researches.

    Best Regards,


    Sussan Zamora


  • Hi Sussan,

    Thanks for your try but I am looking for some thing different.


    I am running a LR Vugen script in HP OO. Screenshot attached.


    Vugen script having following code in Action.c section & collecting dynamic value during execution and displaying in Vugen Output:


        lr_output_message("Host Name is: %s", HostName);    
        lr_output_message("CPU Utilisation is: %s", CPU_Util);
        lr_output_message("File System Status is: %s", FileSystem);
        lr_output_message("Archive: %s", archive);
        lr_output_message("Backup: %s", backup)



    My requirement is, when I run the Vugen script in HP OO it should display data returned from Vugen script execution.


    Please suggest how can I do this ?


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  • Hello Subrat.Sahu,

    Thanks for your reply.


    Regarding this thread I am working diligently on this request and I am consulting with my OO Team.

    I will respond you when I have an update that help you.


    Thank you for your patience.



    Sussan Zamora


  • Hi Sussan,


    I got some work around for this and it is now resolved so you can ignore this thread.




  • Hello Subrat,

    Thank  you for your update.

    I am glad to heard this, I am going to stop the process of research with this thread.
    Best Regards,


    Sussan Zamora


  • Hi! Do you mind sharing your workaround?
  • you can either

    a. use a display operation that OO provides out of the box

    b. check the "prompt for display option" on a subsequent step after running the vugen script and placing the retrieved values (as variable reference ${variable}) onto the promptScreenshot_29.pngScreenshot_28.png