(OO) Support Tip: Provide database connection retry mechanism or improve logging

If the database server for the OO Central is temporarily offline (ex. scheduled maintenance), the Central is also offline.  However when the database is back online, the Central remains unavailable and needs to be restarted or started after the database is online.  The log messages are not intuitive that Central needs to start after the database is back online.

Request that Central retries its connection to the database and/or log messages are clear that a database connection does not exist and if the connection was re-established then Central needs a restart
and/or add this information to the OO manuals.

Enhancement request QCCR8C28875 Provide Database Connection Retry Mechanism, or Improve the Logging in Case the Database Connection Is Down has been submitted and can be viewed at https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/km/KM01873474