Execute a server script using Global shell from HP OO

I want to execute a server script from global shell command by passing scrpit name. It doesn't need any argument inputs. The script output is more than 10kb, and since the OO operator has a limitation on it, I am trying using "Remote Command Execution" option to execute the script from OO.

  • The command I am trying is by using a method startServerScript  by passing the objectID of the script

    ./.startServerScript:i self:i=34270001

    But it throws an exception : NULLPointerException. Below is


    Exception occurred while calling: startServerScript

    RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:
            java.rmi.RemoteException: EJB Exception: ; nested exception is:
    Extended info can be found in /sys/last-exception.


  • Here is an example of what I use to execute the script via OGFS and setting the output size. 

    /opsw/api/com/opsware/script/ServerScriptService/method/.startServerScript\:i self:i=${scriptId} "args={timeOut=${timeoutValue} tailOutputSize=${outputSize} targets:i=com.opsware.server.ServerRef:${serverOID}}"

    It looks like you are missing the target argument at a minimum.


  • I am able to execute from Global shell directly now.

    But from OO operator "Remote Command", the same fails.

    I see this below error :


    Exception occurred while calling: startServerScript.i

    ID:   HPSA-001
    Code:   com.opsware.common.MessageSpec.INTERNAL_ERROR
    Details:   A server error has occurred.

    Extended info can be found in /sys/last-exception.