OO 10.70 - Some central-wrapper.conf settings I want to undersand...


OO 10.70

I want to understand these settings in central-wrapper.conf




Thanks in advance...

- Don



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  • I have too a question about these two parameters ... specifically in terms of resources.

    Specifically, how many resources could use the default settings:

    Does that mean 20 x 200 MB = 4000 MB ?

    Or does that ratio has some other meaning?

    If I have a Central with up to 8GB RAM available, what do you suggest would be the best settings for these two params?
    thank you very much in advance


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    You should not multiply those values (the execution threads and the InBuffer capacity).

    You should consider though the tuning recommandations from the Benchmark guide available here.

    You'll need to configure those based on your needs. I would suggest java memory at least 4GB as explained in the guide.

    As for the max threads for example: if you have a step that should run in parallel on 40 instances but your execution thread is 20 you will have at once only 20 and not 40 thus you''ll need to adjust the worker value as needed - and that is to consider only one flow execution at once. If you know that you'll have multiple flows running at the same time you'll need to take that into consideration. 

    Hope it helps,